Music is the soul of a dance show. Before you can create a sensational show, you need sensational music. By August 2019, executive producer Gerald Flurry was committed to creating a dance show. We knew the theme, we had ideas for choreography, and we even had the name, Celtic Throne. But Celtic Throne needed music—and it had to be new, unique and powerful. It had to be sensational.

Our search for music led us to one of Hollywood’s finest film and television composers, and a world-class creator of Irish music.

Brian Byrne

Golden Globe-nominated composer Brian Byrne is a multi-award-winning composer and producer. Born and raised in Ireland, Brian was educated at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He graduated in 1997 with first-class honors in music and was awarded The Peter Knox Memorial Award for overall performance. Later that year he received the Outstanding Musicianship Award from Berklee College’s touring faculty in Scotland and won the PRS Sir Arthur Bliss Prize Scholarship for composition, which enabled him to study film composition at London’s Royal College of Music.

Byrne moved to Los Angeles from Ireland in July 2003. Since then, he has consistently worked as a composer, conductor, songwriter, arranger and pianist—in the US and Europe. Brian recently won two World Soundtrack Awards and a Satellite Award for his music to the theme song and score for the movie Albert Nobbs and was recently nominated for a third World Soundtrack Award in 2016.

From huge orchestral scores to minimal ensemble compositions, Byrne has written music for films in many genres. He won his first Irish Film and Television Award for his original score for the Irish Sci-Fi comedy Zonad, directed by John Carney. He then scored an indie drama called The Good Doctor, starring Orlando Bloom, and went on to compose the score to the Oscar-nominated movie Albert Nobbs, starring Glenn Close.

Byrne has composed music for internationally acclaimed Irish dance shows, and has collaborated with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Katy Perry, Bono, Barbra Streisand, Josh Groban, Sinead O’Connor, Kelly Clarkson and Sarah McLachlan.

Byrne is married to a native Oklahoman and splits his residence between Oklahoma, Los Angeles and Ireland.