Created by Herbert W. Armstrong College and Armstrong Dance, with original new music from Golden Globe-nominated composer Brian Byrne (Heartbeat of Home), Celtic Throne celebrates the dramatic and mysterious origins of Irish dance. Infused with innovative choreography, dazzling costumes and spectacular lighting and projection, Celtic Throne follows the millennia-long journey of a music-and-dance-loving people as they migrate from the ancient Near East to Ireland, Scotland, England and the United States.

The Story

The king loved to dance; so did his people. This is a nation of dancers.
A long ocean journey takes the people to a mysterious new land: Éire (Ireland).
In ancient Ireland, the people gather annually on the Hill of Tara for the feis, a weeklong festival of music, dance and sport.
Ensconced in the majestic Scottish Highlands, the nation thrives.
God, king and country
Crisis strikes.
A new chapter in the new land—America!
The peak
A period of trial and tribulation; darkness before the dawn
The new and wonderful world; unprecedented in peace, prosperity and beauty

Armstrong Dance

Jude Flurry
Male Lead

Jude Flurry started dancing at age 6 in Edmond, Oklahoma. He trained under Kristin Butke and Joni Muggivan for six years, winning four southern regional titles and placing second at the North American Nationals.

In January 2015, Jude moved with his family to the UK and trained at the esteemed Carey Academy of Irish Dance in Birmingham for 5½ years. Jude has competed in all the major Irish Dance competitions, where he has routinely placed in the top five. In 2016, he placed third at the World Irish Dance Championships, and in 2018 he came fifth. He was runner up three times at the North American Irish Dance Championships before winning the event in 2021.

Jude attends Herbert W. Armstrong College in Edmond, Oklahoma, where he teaches Irish dance to children of all ages. Beyond dance, he is an accomplished pianist, avid reader and keen sportsman.


The Armstrong Dance troupe is comprised of over 40 Irish dancers, ranging in age from 24 to just 4 years old. The troupe is comprised of students from the Carey Academy USA, some of whom have competed with great success in top Irish dance competitions, including Worlds, All Irelands, Great Britain and North American Nationals.

Ages 12 & Under

Oliver Adams, Daniel Livingston, Loma Turgeon, Lydia Adams, Kate Privratsky, Madison Wainwright, Thea Brown, Rae Vejil, Sophia Coats, Chloe Cocomise, Ava Falk, Brooklyn Williams, Nora Nice, Sage Macdonald, Eva Macdonald, Adley March, Emery Vejil, Tephi Vejil, Ezra Vejil

Ages 13-17

Alexis Vejil, Lucas Adams, Emery March, Noah Hilliker, Ewan Macdonald, Sydney Kaleho, Tara Hyde, Gavriella Vejil, Katelyn Aldrich, Lara Macdonald, Jacquelynn Locher, Isaac Macdonald, Spencer Falk, Caitlin Heerma

Ages 18+

Jude Flurry, Vienna Flurry, Zoe Hilliker, Ellie Hilliker, Leah Hyde, Jordan Saranga, Hannah Worrell, Victoria Locher, Aaron Eagle, Hali March, Zach Williams


Executive Producer

Gerald Flurry


Stephen Flurry


Brad Macdonald, Amy Flurry

Music Adviser

Ryan Malone

Live Musicians

Jessica Brandon, Jude Flurry, Vienna Flurry, Ellie Hilliker, Joel Hilliker, Zoe Hilliker, Megan Jenkins, Seth Malone, Kyle March

Art / Graphics

Steve Hercus, Reese Zoellner, Julia Goddard, Melissa Barreiro, Kassandra Verbout


Bailey Crawford, Ethan Hensley


Andrew Locher, Dwight Falk

Music Engineer

Benjamin Tauer, Izaak Lorenz

Marketing / Advertising

Shane Granger, David Vejil


Deborah Heerma, Rachel Hyde, Becky Falk, Michelle Hilliker, Trish Locher, Eyren Macdonald, Melody Aldrich, Brooke Cocomise, Michelle Kaleho, Tanya Williams, Jen March


Cole March, Mark Hyde, Jonathan Saranga, Brett Williams


Vienna Flurry, Jude Flurry, Alexa Turgeon